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G31M-ES2L Won't apply overclock settings.

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I just got a nice new cooler, with the intend to overclock my trusty Q6600, but only to discover that the motherboard erratically applies or not the settings. For instance it worked yesterday, no longer today. Am at my 50th or so reboot. Reading around shows there are a lot of people who have that problem; and there doesn't seem to be a real fix out there. (not even bios update)


- Anyone have an idea?


- Is there an alternative cheap board (don't want to waste money in LGA775) that don't have such a problem?


Thanks for any help...



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It appears to be a problem that concerns all gigabyte boards, where a connected USB storage will keep overclock settings from applying. Pretty annoying as I use a USB memory as bootloader...

Arg ;)


edit: It's confirmed, usb storage keeps gigabyte overclock from applying.

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