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  1. You'll get better response here : Français
  2. Just for general information: I deleted all AMD/ATI/radeon kext and booted: strange enough it still insisted on loading the discrete graphics which had no driver. It loaded without openGL/quartz etc. Would have thought the supported chipset should have been the priority..
  3. You kid but I have thought about physically removing the chip. But the software probably won't be happy at all...
  4. Is there a way to totally deactivate discrete graphics in a MacBook Pro? Mine is dead (late 2011 ATI6750) but the MacBook works with the integrated. The annoying part is that checking the ATI6750 seem to be part of the startup routine, though sometimes it gets past that and I can use "gfxCardStatus" to select the integrated intel graphics. The stupid thing is this defaults to autoselect, so it often crashes the whole thing before I can select integrated. So I am hoping there would be an option in firmware, or by setting some obscure setting in the system. Or maybe trashing the ATI drivers.. Any suggestions? Thanks for the attention!
  5. I'm with Zaap on this, one can perfectly do heavy work on a Hackintosh as long as one can take care of it. I do mostly 3D modeling and rendering (product design) for a living, and have been full time on a Hackintosh for years. Currently on a overclocked i7. And if it's a pissing contect my olders Mac files are from 1989, IIcx, not that it has anything to say. Xeons are great for workstations where you're ready to pay double for 0,1% more uptime, or have cash to pay for all those cores.
  6. pirloui


    Thanks a lot for all the info, I will look closer at what's going on
  7. 24GB ram?? How do you manage to exploit that? I have 8GB and they barelly fill when running 3D rendering, all Adobe apps + bunch of small apps.
  8. What Zaap say, also one thing to consider: Begining of next year there will be new xeon chips, the current ones have aged a bit and it might be worth waiting for the update (if you really need to edit 4K video)
  9. pirloui


    Sounds great, is that with "aticontroller6000.kext" from 10.7 on 10.6, or a hacked kext on lion? edit: I see you use 10.6.8. Do you know if your kext is straight from 10.7 or hacked?
  10. pirloui

    Cards working "Out of the box"

    Could it be of any interest to list cards that work straight without any tinkering? My HD6870 did, is it the only exception or are there others? Working 100% vanilla: Asus HD6870 1GB (DVI & Display Port tested)
  11. Sadly the projector only takes only HDMI, and DVI-HDMI cables / adapters result in the same. It seems the protocol for HDMI is slightly different. The only fixes AFAIK involve deactivating all CPU cores but one and stuff like that, basically not an option..
  12. pirloui

    Which SSD?

    Micron C400 / Crucial M4 seem to have best "bang per buck" at the moment.
  13. Graphics enabler = Yes is out of the box enough Having had Hackintoshes for quite a while, I have been through a bunch of cards that work fine. However, nVidia n92 based cards have an issue with hdmi, and my stupid projector only takes that. This rules out 9800GT and GTS250 that I own. The GT240 works fine, except only at half speed for some strange reason (13fps in cinebench) (famous for that) Fermi cards (nvidia 4xx) seem to have freeze / stutter issues Some ATI 6870 work great, but that's overkill for the use. Apple going in the direction of ATI, maybe that's a good bet for the future, although nVidia had best support till now... Any opinions? Thanks for the attention!
  14. Bump, very interested here as well... It's a nice top of the bottom card, but i's handicapped somewhere..
  15. pirloui

    Monitor advice

    Just tested, monitor brightness works with a Apple Cinema (DVI) connected to a Hackintosh. Apple BT Keyboard > Hackintosh with HD6870 > Apple Cinema DVI. No special kext, very vanilla system.