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Error after installing Callisto Drivers (Radeon 9700 Mobility)

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I've got a little (hope so ^^) Problem after installing the Callisto drivers to get a resolution of 1280x800 on my laptop. The card is a Radeon Mobility 9700 with 64MB RAM. But it is recognized everywhere as a 9600....

Everytime i boot, the grey Apple Screen remains there and X doesn't show up.


I looked with Linux in the windowserver.log and it says:

 Jul 04 16:08:01  [77] Server is starting up
Jul 04 16:08:02  [77] kCGErrorFailure: MappedDisplay Driver: can't open any framebuffer
Jul 04 16:08:02  [77] kCGErrorFailure: CGXDisplayDriverInitialize: No Display drivers loaded
Jul 04 16:08:02  [77] kCGErrorFailure: IOHIDSetCursorEnable returns -536870208
Jul 04 16:08:03  [77] CGXPerformInitialDisplayConfiguration
Jul 04 16:08:03  [77]   Display 0x41dc9d00: VirtualDisplay Unit 0; Vendor 0x756e6b6e Model 0x76697274 S/N 0; online enabled built-in (0,0)[1024 x 768], base addr 0xb0021000
Jul 04 16:08:04  [77] kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGXSetWindowListTags: Operation on a window 0x1 not owned by caller SecurityAgent
Jul 04 16:08:05  [77] kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGXOrderWindow: Operation on a window 0x1 not owned by caller SecurityAgent


I tried the normal resolution detection and the alternative mode. But both of them didn't work.

Does it matter, if my card is recognized as a PCI card?


Could you please help me?



Some additional information:

Mac OS X 10.4.6 installed from HoTiSo Image

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Have you changed the vendor ID in CalistoHAL.kext?


It's no problem if the video card is recognized as PCI. In fact they all are. You can install an AGP kext later, but your problem lies elsewhere.

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Yes, I did.

But I didn't change the 128 Bit Value for the Screen. Perhaps there is the Problem?


Do I need to Delete something of the original ATI Stuff?


I'll try a bit, if I'm at home.

Suggestions are very welcome!

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