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HDD swap: wrong capacity reported

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I replaced the anemic 40gb HDD with a WD Scorpio Blue 160gb IDE drive. The AppleTV is reporting the new drive as 40gb! Below is the process I used.


Step 1: Create Drive Image

I started by removing the 40gb Hitachi HDD drive and attached it to my MacBook Pro with an IDE-USB adapter. The drive was recongnized and auto-mounted. I fired up a terminal window and created an image file:

dd if=/dev/disk1 of=/Users/vinlar/Desktop/AppleTV-drive.img bs=1024k

Yes, /dev/disk1 was the AppleTV drive. :censored2:


Step 2: Write Drive Image

I connected my new 160gb HDD via the same IDE-USB adapter. It was recognized as an empty 160gb drive. I fired up terminal again and wrote the image file onto the new drive as follows:

dd if=/Users/vinlar/Desktop/AppleTV-drive.img of=/dev/disk1 bs=1024k


Step 3: Install New Drive

I installed the new drive into the AppleTV, reconnected cables (video, ethernet & power) and booted her up. It had all of the content from my prior 40gb unit and was reported as 40gb.


Step 4: Factory Restore & Software Update

I did a Factory Restore on the unit and it was still reporting itself as a 40gb unit. I then navigated through the menu and directed it to update to the latest version of AppleTV software. It's still showing up as 40gb!


Any advice? Did I miss a step somewhere? Should I remove the drive and attempt to resize the partition using diskutil?

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