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Summat ain't right...

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Ok, here's t'deal.

I d/l'd and installed the HOTiSO ISO for Mac OS X 10.4.6, burned it to a UDF DVD. Made 8GB partition (primary), Ran DVD, installed (Erased partition w/journaled mode on), with all patches for Intel. Ran SPFDISK, set Windows partition as active. Rebooted.


Copied Chain0 from CD to C:\ directory. Set C:\Chain0="Mac OS X" (or whatever) into BOOT.INI and rebooted.


On reboot, selected Mac OS X from menu. Screen goes black for a minute. Line sometimes appears at bottom of screen for a second or so reading 'For troubleshooting and advanced startup options, press F8.' Then goes back to boot menu. I can select OS X as many times as I want, it just glitches and comes back to the menu.


If it looks lile I missed something, it's not because I omitted it. I probably just forgot it. :(


System Specs:

Intel Pentium 4 3GHZ

Prescott Model

512MB Ram

250GB Hard-Drive, 1

2 DVD drives, one w/recording capability


Any help appreciated. Cheers!


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iam getting the same problems as you but iam using the jas patched dvd.

installed fine using custom install and journaled mode.


set xp as the active partition again. done the chain0 thing. but i dont see the message you get when selecting osx, the screen goes blank and goes back to the windows boot loader.


but i am able to boot osx if i leave the osx partition as active. no dawrin boot loader shows, like there did when i had 10.4.1


i dont mind if the darwin loader is 1st.


my cpu is sse2 capable. intel celeron 2.2 ghz

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