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[How to] Recover mouse pointer after a 3D fullscreen application

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Needs: QuickSilver: http://quicksilver.blacktree.com/

ResolutionSwitcher from labatec: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...olutionSwitcher


Download Quicksilver and unapack whereever you want (/Application folder is better)

Download ResolutionSwitcher and put wherever you want. Not need to make any setting here.


Open QuickSilver and set it:

1 - Make it launch at login (System Prefs -> Accounts -> Login Items -> "+" add Quicksilver

2 - Set a Key combination to open it (mine is "Ctrl+Shft+Spacebar" - see in attached images)


When you need, open Quicksilver by key-combination and type "Resol..." When QS found ResolutionSwitcher select it by down or up arrowkeys and Enter. ResolutionSwitcher will launch and change your resolution to 1024x748, then press "Cmd+Q" ResolutionSwitcher will quit and your resolution reverts back and the mouse pointer will be back too. Sorry for my poor english. Hope to understand me. Greetings to labatec.


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