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radeon 4870 x2 on leo hazard mac osx 10.6

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Hello, i installed leo hazards mac osx snow leopard 10.6 with no updates.. which means its at 10.6 right now, not 10.6.2.

And ive tried to get my ati radeon 4870 x2 to work but with no luck since i cant seem to find any good working guide for it. Anyone here who can help me? would appreciate it alot. thanks.

Last time when i installed some drivers the system booted but the picture just froze. Everything else is working, except this card, cause i got no working drivers for it.

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nevermind i got it working now.


this was done after instaling snow leopard 10.6.0 hazard version with no graphics drivers.


Downloaded these:

1. KextHelper to install the drivers automatically.



2. ATI drivers for 4870X2 (already modified, no extra modifications needed) thnx to netkas.



3. Netkas' Natit for 4870X2: Link


Installed kexts, I did some system maintanence clicked all boxes, with a prog called osx86tools which already comes with snow leopard hazard.

On the next boot used the -f -v flags to rebuild the cache.

This just made my computer not boot at all :S.

So shutted down, started again. booted normally.



Installed 10.6.1 update, rebooted normally.

then installed QE CI Patch for 10.6.1 for radeons

Link (package)

restarted, and wow the graphics works =) i wanto say thank you to Morpheus and this post for his guide, and to netkas for his awesome blog. :)

and to insanelymac for hosting this forum. Thanks!


remember to boot with arch=i386

32 bit mode only works.

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