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What's the best (MicroATX) Motherboard for OSX86?

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I, myself, have an iMac Core Duo and I want to spread the joy of Mac by building my sister a Hackintosh to replace her aging PC that has one of those installations of Windows XP on it that is slowly falling apart like an aging alcoholic. I'd dual-boot this machine with Windows XP and a hacked copy of Mac OS X (86); the point being to slowly lure her to the awesomeness that is the Mac platform. I'm all set to build this machine. I have a MicroATX case, 1GB stick of DDR SDRAM, a Celeron D (2.8 GHz) Processor, a 200 GB Serial ATA hard drive and a single-layer DVD+/-RW drive all ready to go. I'm all set to order the last part, the motherboard. Actually, I was about to order the Intel 915GLVGL board, especially after hearing that the install requires no patching and that the only quirk that this board has with OS X(86) is that the on-board audio-out doesn't work. Is there a better MicroATX board that I could order (i.e. a board that requires no patching AND has no quirks like the mentioned audio quirk of the 915GLVGL) for this machine? Or should I just stick with ordering the 915GLVGL? (If it makes a difference [which I'm assuming it doesn't], I'd be using either the Maxxuss patched 10.4.4/10.4.5 DVD [probably just for testing purposes] or the JaS patched 10.4.6; I also have the iMac Core Duo restore DVD (the unpatched release of 10.4.4) that came with my iMac Core Duo, though I severely doubt it'd come in handy here.)

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