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Leopard & Windows 7 Boot Loader Stuff

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So I have 3 hard drives.


1) 160GB HDD has Mac OS 10.5.8

2) 1TB HDD is media drive.

3) 500GB HDD is Windows 7


Right now I am booting into either OS by hitting F12 during the POST process and selecting the physical drive that I would like to Boot from.


What I would like to do is automatically boot into one of the OS's (Whichever setup is easier), and be able to pick from a Menu which operating system to boot.

From what I've seen, it looks to be easier to do this if they are all on 1 drive and just on seperate partitions.


I have no experience what-so-ever with EasyBCD and it didn't work for me when I tried it.


In someones expert opinion, what is my easiest solution to achieve what I want?





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Installing Chameleon graphical Bootloader, Its a fairly new project that you install from Within Mac os x and it shouldn't have an issue booting all the different OS's. Do a quick forum search for it.


Thanks for the tip! I installed it and it seems to be working well except for the fact that my Windows 7 install has the stupid "System Reserved" bootmgr. But that is another story :)


Thanks again! ;)

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