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Anyone running SLI (2 of same card)?


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I know you can't actually run SLI in Mac os, but I just bought a second GTX 260 (for windows) and I'm having all kinds of problems with installing and booting this setup. I had/have my system running fine with a single 260. I got the strings for each card and the only difference for each is the numbers highlighted in bold below.





I've tried start up with pci, peg1 and peg 2, and the only thing that seems to get me to installation and booting is if I choose Peg2 (DVI hooked up to bottom PCIe card), then after verbose mode the screen goes blank and I have to move my connector to the top card to get it working?


Its crazy because it was fine with a 260 and a 9500gt, but not this setup :(

Anyway, just wondering if anyone's running two of the same card :)

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