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  1. I'm running the exact same configuration and everything's working fine, with the exception of GPU Flame Fractal Renderer reporting 240 CUDA Cores instead of 480 lol. No more tearing anyway. If you used Aquamac's Fermi package, boot up, reinstall 10.6.5, reinstall the new Nvidia Package, then reboot. If you're running Mac Pro 4,1 edit AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext/Contents/Info.plist's MacPro4,1 by changing Vendor10deDevice05e2 to Vendor10deDevice06c0, run Kext Utility and reboot. Edit: PS Thank you so much d00d! I sold my 3-way classified, because I found a used UD5 for $100 and this thread got me up and running in about 5 minutes! It was the most painless installation ever and this board has to be THE most optimized X58 board to date.
  2. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I was having the same problem with my 480. Install Nvidia Cuda 3.1.17, reinstall GPU Flame Fractal Renderer, and when you run it you should be prompted to update to CUDA Toolkit 3.2, Anyway I rebooted after this and I'm getting 240 CUDA Cores, though I should obviously have 480 cores lol.
  3. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    That probably means you didn't reapply 10.6.5 before installing the Nvidia Package.
  4. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Did you run Kext Utility and reboot after adding your id? Its not some simple app, but here you go if you want temps. http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1246
  5. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    The edit I mentioned before is only needed for Mac Pro 4,1. No need to edit AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext with Mac Pro 3,1.
  6. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Read my post (#994) on page 50 Thank you for the HDMI sound confirmation!!!
  7. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I saw you post earlier saying you were going to try this and have been hoping it would work for my original install. Thanks for the info! Edit: Has anyone tried audio via HDMI?
  8. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Run Kext Utility after you save the change. Anyway, I don't want to get off topic. Fermi is working without VSync issues! GTX 480, 470, and 460 now confirmed! Edit: Did you reboot?
  9. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Of course. If you don't make this change your card and every card will be running in level 0 low power mode, since 10.6.4 After making this change, your card runs in level 2 high power mode and temps will be lower. No offense, but did you even read the post? This has been common knowledge for over two months. Post #1003 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...771&st=1000
  10. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Ohhhh! I meant that I applied dOOd's fix in addition to installing the package, not instead of.
  11. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    FWIW, I was only getting ~8 FPS on cinebench after applying this new package. I applied dOOd's fix aka changed AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext/Contents/Info.plist's MacPro4,1 section from Vendor10deDevice05e2 to Vendor10deDevice06c0 and I'm back to ~33 FPS. Post #1003 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...771&st=1000 Its in the above post as well, but the list for other IDs can be found here. http://pastebin.com/ZR5RHRxU
  12. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Yes, this does this trick! I installed with a GTX 260, updated to 10.6.5, applied new package, swapped out 260 for 480 and everything is working. No Vsync issues during video! I was seriously hours away from trading my 480 for a 5870.
  13. I've tried Quicktime 7 and X, VLC, but they all do the same thing. It even happens in watching videos in flash. TBH, I'll probably keep the 480 lol. Edit: Well, I guess its good that I kept it!
  14. Thanks, I have my 480 currently installed that way, but the tearing during video playback bothers me too much. That's why I mentioned Vsync problems in my first post. I just wish I knew if this card would be fully supported within the next 6 months or so.
  15. I realize no one has any idea as to when or even if GF100 will ever be 100% supported (Vsynch, etc.), but I don't know whether I should hang onto my 480 and sell my two GTX 260 cards or vice versa. CIV5 is the only DX11 game I play and I can get about $360 for the 480 or $250 for both 260s. Any thoughts?