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HD4890 with 10.6.2 guide for stupids


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Hi all,


is there anyhelp for a stupid out there?


Have a Macpro early 2008 and already installed 10.6.2

I have also Win 7 ( my primary system with which I 'm working) installed.

After reading this "http://www.zdnet.de/apple_macintosh_mac_technik_im_unternehmen_schnaeppchen_tipp_fuer_mac_pro_besitz


I bought the "Club HD4890 Superclocked Edition".

And as natural its not working.



I tried to install (with my old grafikcard still in) in OSX 10.6.2 the "ATI_Init.pkg" and the "Qe_CI_Exotic....pkg" but got errors.

Then I read about 3 other files an "EVOenabler" , "ATI4800Controller" and "ATIRadeonx2000" and copied them in the system/extentions-folder and copied the codelines as descriped in the terminal window ..........


Now I read something totally different in this forum how to get this card working but I did to much

nonsens before. I don't know about OSX and so I have no idea what "cashing" or "Chamäleon" etc. means. I dont know, what I actually installed and what not. And I don't know, how to find that out.


What should I do now? Is there an easy guide for stupid beginners?


thanks for any help


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