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  1. I give up!

    Hi Alex, that's right! I use a MacPro hardware (but working with Win 7) I'm now at the point, I think that I have to flash the Card. Also to be able to boot between OSX and Win7 via Bootcamp. I already found a Flashtool and some Roms which maybe could work and followed the tutorial as far as ... But ..... I cannot flash anythink when I only see a black screen. Thats my problem at the moment Will try to post on netcas-site as well. thanks Mike
  2. [Solution] ATI HD4890 on 10.6.2

    Hi Nitro, maybe we have the same problem! I always get a black screen when rebooting and I tried a lot before. Also I need to see the "grey selection window" for choosing the right system disk to boot. Could you please let me know, when you successfully "flashed" your card and how you did that? thanks mike
  3. I give up!

    Hi Alex, first thanks very much for your comment! I am aware, that no one has been waiting for "me" to make a beginners tutorial on how to install "my" special card on "my" MacPro. O.k. would be nice anyway ...! I've become "greedy" when I discovered a contribution that it is possibly to install a better performing HD4890 for 160,- Euros instead of a "Mac compatible" Card with less Power for 315,- Euro. All posts promised, that it is so easy to manage! And I am very impatient person from nature. (Btw I am working on a MacPro 3.1 early 2008 with Win 7 installed on a second drive. There are still some 3D-Apps not working on OSX so I always boot Win7 and work in that environment. This Graphic-Card-Uptade is not ment for gaming) I think, my problem is, that I found too many different methods on the web and tried them all out as far as I was able to understand, what to do. And I was getting more and more impatient because it is not working. So please forgive my! And know, it seems, that is is not working, because I cannot install a "pkg"-File and get an error after the installer finished. This seems to be a simple and only aOSX related problem. How to get a "pkg-File" properly installed? The issue with 60Hz what you have said before could really be the problem that all monitors are staying black. But for this case I don't know, how to boot with an other resolution. I'm not fit in OSX. Anyway! I thank you for your patience! Mike
  4. I give up!

    Tried 3 different tutorials for getting HD4890 to work with my MacPro. Last, after completly reinstalling SL and updates, was from amit talking "three easy steps" But even the first step did't work. The "pkg-installer" reported an error. Still black screens when I slot in my Club HD4890! Even if I connect only one monitor to the DVI and vice versa ......... I will use the card for my gaming PC and have to stay with the working Mac Edition HD3870 because I don't get any help here in this forum. No replies to one of my posts depending this problem. Anyway thanks Mike
  5. [Solution] ATI HD4890 on 10.6.2

    when I try the 2. point "Installing first the QE_CI_Exotic_cards.pkg" I gor an error message, that the installation failed! I have a fresh updated 10.6.2 and don't want to install SL and update again. Whats wrong? Or can I ignro this message? thanks mike
  6. OSX 10.6.2 does'nt boot anymore

    Hi all, after installing all the stuff like "EVOenabler" , "Natit", "ecotic-cards" etc. for getting my HD4890 to work I cannot boot anymore. The grey circle circles endless. I can boot in safe mode (with shift) but then I cannot find the proper or not proper installed kexts. Can I repair the Snow Leopard Installation somehow without destroing my Win7 Install on other disk? thanks mike
  7. is it possible at all to use this Card in a MacPro early 2008 with OSX 10.6.2? Has anyone got the same card? Got no response to my post before. Did't get it to work so far and the descriptions on the "Netkas"-Page are like "chinese" for me. regards mike
  8. Hi all, is there anyhelp for a stupid out there? Have a Macpro early 2008 and already installed 10.6.2 I have also Win 7 ( my primary system with which I 'm working) installed. After reading this "http://www.zdnet.de/apple_macintosh_mac_technik_im_unternehmen_schnaeppchen_tipp_fuer_mac_pro_besitz er_story-39002369-41004413-1.htm" I bought the "Club HD4890 Superclocked Edition". And as natural its not working. I tried to install (with my old grafikcard still in) in OSX 10.6.2 the "ATI_Init.pkg" and the "Qe_CI_Exotic....pkg" but got errors. Then I read about 3 other files an "EVOenabler" , "ATI4800Controller" and "ATIRadeonx2000" and copied them in the system/extentions-folder and copied the codelines as descriped in the terminal window .......... Now I read something totally different in this forum how to get this card working but I did to much nonsens before. I don't know about OSX and so I have no idea what "cashing" or "Chamäleon" etc. means. I dont know, what I actually installed and what not. And I don't know, how to find that out. What should I do now? Is there an easy guide for stupid beginners? thanks for any help mike