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iDeneb v1.5.1 Booting


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Ok 2 things!


My internal hard drive for some reason wasnt detected by Disk Utility and hence I decided to install the OSx on my external drive! The process went successful, but it doesnt boot from my drive even though I changed the boot order and made the USB drive first!

So, someone told me to check the UUID and type

-v boot-uuid=(UUID HERE)

and this worked!!


So my question is do I have to do this everytime I have to use OSx? I pretty much wana use only osx and not windows 7! Because if its this, its prety much useless since it takes about 5-10 mins just to go on the login screen of osx!

Also, i read a few places that you could change your hard drive from AHCI to Compatibility Mode by going into system setup! and when I go into system setup i dont see any option like that! (f10 says setup for me). All i can change there is the date, time, see the diagnostic log and change boot order options.!


Also after the installation and restart, shouldnt the configure chameleon open up itself? I selected v1 from the installation disk!!


Is there any way I could see my internal drive in disk utility because I want to install it onto my internal drive so it boots automatically! Or if not, how could I boot directly from my external HDD and not going through the pain of entering UUID number everytime!


Sorry for a lot of questions :) I really hope to get it answered here!

Thanks a lot for your time!

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1) add that flag to apple.com.info.plist

2) try to disable usb legacy for the long boot time.


im sorry i dont get you! how do i add the flag and what would it do?

and how do i disable usb legacy!


sorry for these questions, but im a newbie in things like this ;)

appereciate your time and efforts :D

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