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  1. hi. i'm using a bcm94352 bt+wifi and running 10.10.3 ... ii think something changed because wifi and bluetooth are working well, so airdrop. but not handoff. i try patching iousbfamily...but it disable me bluetooth. what could i do?
  2. news for this "always on"issue?
  3. excuse me for duoble post but tapatalk is a little bit problematic. Rampage, mine is an AR5B195 with wifi and bluetooth AR301. iobluetoothfamily but also with rehabman kext ioarfrmwr
  4. Rampage, mine is internal not usb. it work well, "just" dont turn off.
  5. for me AR3011 is working fine, also as bluetooth dun and pairing etc etc. but is stuck in "on". fn + f2 work for wifi but not for bt. very strange... for me nope.
  6. Daveta

    Spinning boot wheel

    what could I do? any resolution give me this ovalized wheel. but when I restart notebook, it give me a perfectly round wheel.
  7. Daveta

    Stranezze Bluetooth

    per caso riesci a spegnerlo?
  8. Daveta

    Spinning boot wheel

    as wrote didnt change ovalized wheel ?
  9. Daveta

    Spinning boot wheel

    nobody with this issue?
  10. Hi! anybody know how to resize the spinning boot wheel???? at reboot is rounded but at startup is ovalized!! on lion it was more simple (plist) but with mavericks...HOW ?
  11. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain...

  12. Daveta

    Problema ATI HD5450 e alc262

    uhmmm e se lo abilitasse pure in una alc272?
  13. Daveta

    spinning boot wheel

    Ragazzi sapete come si ridimensiona la boot wheel? la melona si sistema facilmente ma la wheel sembra un cingolo di carro armato ?
  14. ola, mi chiedevo ( devo aggiornare il mio database hardware ) se esiste una schedina interna combo wifi/bluetooth compatibile magari ootb. la mia funziona ma non ha il bluetooth e mi occorre. che dite?