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snow leopard and windows xp dual boot


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Is it possible to have a dual boot installation of snow leopard and windows xp?




Yes you have to install snow first and then windows xp (you will lose all your data)


Use empire EFI or a Patched DVD to run the instalation


When the menu of the installer loads, go to Disk Utility before starting the instalation, select your disk, and click in partitions


when you are in the partitions menu, click on options and select GPT and accept, and in the Volume map, select 2 partitions, the first is for snow and must be HFS+ and the second for Windows must be Fat32, you have to do it in that way because of doing this in that way you create a hybrid GPT/MBR table and you can install windows because you cant install windows on gpt disks.


After do this install snow on hfs disk and once it have finished, restart and installiwindows, dont do it in other way, snow and then windows and dont install chameleon after installing snow you will do it after install windows

. When you are in windows install menu you will see 4 or 5 partition i dont remember


1_ 200mb (EFI)

2_XXmb HFS+ (OSX)

3_128 mb (not partioned space)

4_XX mb FAT32 (windows)


you have to install in the four partition and you have to format the fat32 partition to NTFS, use the quick mode is the same.


After install windows, start with empire efi cd to see the osx partition because you cant see it in another way and start snow, when you start snow, install chameleon (RC3, RC4 or RC5) and finally the gptsync package.


Once you have installed gptsync run terminal and type


sudo gptsync /dev/disk0


type your password and a menu will listed, when this ocurred, type y and press enter


and this is all folks, when you restart you will see chameleon menu, with the 2 operating sistems.


IMPORTANT: I cant update my sistem to 10.6.5 i stay in 10.6.4 because when I update I cant start the osx and I have to do all this again, I think that the mbr update is the problem, for this reason i suggest that don update to the 10.6.5 version stay in the 10.6.4, there is no problem with this.


Well i hope that you can understand me, my English is more or less.


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Yes you have to install snow first and then windows xp (you will lose all your data)

Not necessarily, there a guides that work if Windows is already installed. And the user may be using separate hard drives not partitions on the same drive, he has not said

Use empire EFI or a Patched DVD to run the instalation

Or a boot CD (other than empire) for your system or the myyHack method

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