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Blank Screen After Snow Leopard Install


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Like a good little boy I followed the following instructions for installing snow leopard to my intel pc (mobo - gigabyte GA-X48-DS5).




I got through the installation pretty easily then rebooted for the first time following the completion of the installation. Thats when I hit some issues.


It wouldnt boot (kept hanging at the Verifying DMI Pool Data) so through googling figured out I needed to use a cd bootloader - which is fine because I can fix that up later (hopefully!). Now that Im using the cd bootloader I get past that spot and on to the grey apple screen with the scrolling icon below which goes for 5 seconds or more before the I get a blank screen and no further action.


From what I could research via googling it relates to my gtx 280 video card which requires its own kext. I found a kext file which apparently contains drivers for all the gtx 200 range.


First question - do you think Ive made the right assumption with the blank screen meaning a need a kext for my vid card? And secondly if thats the case how the hell to use the kext file I found?


I cant boot into my pc that I want to put them on although I do have a macbook pro with me running OSX Tiger.


Can anyone give me some advice please?

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Grey screen is something usually related to Video Card kexts. You could try this to get VGA screen and then work your way up resolving other issues.


Need to boot with -s option (single user).


when ready type


mount -uw /

cd /system/library/extensions

mv -R NVDAResman ../

mv -R NVDAInject* ../ <could get an error here no problem>




That will move some kexts to the /System/Library folder in case you need to recover them.


Reboot. You should get VGA output and then look for the right kext for your video GTX280.


Good luck.

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