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  1. Hi Everybody. Success for the Z390 Gigabyte. Specs follow: 16GB DDR4 Corsair i7-9700 CPU Asus Radeon 580 SSD 1TB SSD 512GB SSD 128GB How I did it. I had a working HighSierra and boldly just booted in the new MB+CPU. jaja. Well, it did not work. Googled and found somebody had a Z370 and posted his EFI folder. Saved my EFI and replaced it with the Z370 one. Boldly, again, rebooted and ... it worked, mostly!!!!. So now I am in High Sierra with my new Hackintosh. Cool. Some sound problem, long story short, there is a kext, replaced and SOUND. What works Graphics, not the built in HDMI, but the Radeon card. ALL ports, I have 4 screens USBs all, 3.0,3.1,2.0 Ethernet port Sound with a new kext Track Pad with bluetooth dongle Wifi external Card What does not work Built In HDMI. Wifi Built In. I guess it will NEVER work. To "windows" style to ever be used by Apple. Built In Bluetooth which is related to the WiFi above. Attach is the Clover Folder of the EFI (too big to attach). Has the required Kexts and driveruefi Migrate to Mojave Well, incredible as it may sound, just double click on the Install Mojave OSX, you need to download, and just go thru the process. Just one loss, the external WiFi, seems it is not supported by Mojave. Copied from HighSierra the IO802...kext and the IONetworkFamily.kext. Worked. Clean Install Mojave Many tuts about it, used one found in youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdRSYogDygs, which uses a batch process to create the usb installer, etc. Follow it. Simple. Again, use the kexts given in the Clover folder attached. One finished with creating the usb installer, open the EIF partition and change the Clover folder to this one. Install New Mojave with USB Installer Do the process of installing and when finished install the Clover boot loader (watch the video). After that again change the Clover folder in the EFI partition with this one. Results 1) Migrate from HighSierra to Mojave. Just change the Clover folder in the EFI partition and Install OSX Mojave app. 2) Mojave Installer. Create USB installer, install Clover boot loader and change Clover folder in EFI partition. 3) New Mojave Install. Install via Mojave Installer, install Clover boot loader and change Clover folder in EFI. Hope it helps. CLOVER.zip
  2. Hi, a question before trying this. 3) Go to /Application/Install macOS High Sierra.app? Shouldn't it be Install macOs Mojave?
  3. I have an Apple Trackpad and have no problem at all. 10.13.4.
  4. Update: Got a DVI-D Cable and connected it to the BenQ monitor,the VGA to the old VGA and the HDMI to a Sony TV all in one card and it works!!! That means if we can get up to 2 HDMI 2 DVI-D and 2 VGAs if we can make the second video card to work.
  5. Hi Everybody. Hope all is peace and love.... Context Mobo Intel DX79TO(No Integrated Video) 32GB Ram 2 SSDs 2 GT 620 video cards 2 GT 710 2GB video cards History Have had Hackintosh since 10.4. From Snow to Sierra with 2 video cards and 4 displays-monitors. Solved minor video problems but all worked perfectly. Sierra working with GT 620 and GT 710 and 4 monitors. GT620 need some settings but GT710 direct OOB. Installed High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E202) HFS using VESA mode. HS does not work with GT 620, direct or web drivers. Usually sleep does not work with this mobo-video cards combo, but it does not bother me. Situation HS works with GT 710 cards with Web Drivers but has serious issues regarding gremlins, blurs, lag, poor quality, etc. I guess I could live with that but I hope not. Without Web Driver we have a weird error that I haven't seen reported. It is a gIOScreenLockState error but not the kind I've read about, during boot. ( Image Attached). Basically HS boots fine, -v used and all seems fine. Login Screen is shown, password input and for a sec or two one can see the finder with opened windows, etc and then the following console message is seen top left: IOConsoleUsers: time(0) 0->0, lin 0, llk 1, IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0 and we are back at the Login Screen ad infinitum Alternatives Tested This has been going on for 2 months or so and as you can imagine I have tried a lot, I mean a lot, of kexts, patches, clover options, efi drivers, etc to no avail. The last experiment I tried was to replace HS NVIDIA related kexts, and other related, from latest Sierra. No joy. Actually destroyed internal structures. Had to do major surgery to rescue the installation (kextcache, prelinkedkernel, etc). Barely made it. Partial Solution So after all this, yesterday I tried disconnecting the displays from one card and just keep one card with a HDMI and a VGA monitor. (Should have tried this months ago ). It WORKED. That is, with default macos Graphics Driver works perfectly. No gremlins, lag, blurs, etc. Just that I am missing 2 more displays HELP So, hope somebody can guide me to a dual video card installation that works, mixing HDMI with VGA or DVI-D, whatever. I do not know if Radeon will have this problem. I am tired of buying video cards. Thanks in advance.
  6. RSN

    Installer doesn't load

    In order to help you more info is required, like motherboard, the config.plist with verbose mode so you can see were it gets stuck and a screen shot of that place. From then on you can make some changes to the config.plist or add/remove kexts. Also in config.plist you will see under boot there is a Debug checkbox. Set it so that in every boot a Debug.log is created which can help locating the problem. The Debug.log file will be in EFI/Clover/misc directory. I presume you know how to mount the EFI volume if not open Clover Configurator in the Mount EFI (left bottom side) choose your booting disk (by name I guess) and Mount Partition and then Open Partition. It will open a finder window for the EFI volume. Then look for Clover/Misc. Attach the debug.log if you are able to or at least the screen image. Good luck.
  7. Hi. I had a similar problem which was that the hard disk kext got stuck for some reason. There is a patch that when applied in config.list in kext and patches allowed it to continue booting. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/328037-cant-boot-hs-after-successful-install/?p=2537533check the part that says about patching the AppleACPIPlatform for hd. Try it. Hopefully will help
  8. @Slice. Thanks. Ill keep trying
  9. Hi Yall. Again requesting some help or guides. Attempting to install Sierra in a ProLiant ML310E server that I have standing around. Clover gets as far as the ++++++++++++++++++++ (again). Attached is the Debug log. Noticeable is that compared to a normal boot in any other machine the first 3 logs do find a Chipset while in this case, irrelevant of any kext installed or removed, it always states 0:100 0:100 MemLog inited, TSC freq: 3392137338 0:100 0:000 LegacyRegion2: Chipset/proc: 0x0C088086 0:100 0:000 Unknown chipset 0:100 0:000 Test PAM1=(0x41=90, 0x5a=00, 0x81=33, 0x91=00) at chipset 0C088086 0:100 0:000 , Chipset not detected - exiting Google and found that that chip id is 'Intel Corporation' device = 'Haswell DRAM Controller' But it does recognize the processor CPU Vendor = 756E6547 Model=306C3 2:156 0:000 The CPU supported SSE4.1 2:156 0:000 BrandString = Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1240 v3 @ 3.40GHz 2:156 0:000 The CPU not supported turbo 2:156 0:000 MSR 0x35 40004 2:156 0:000 MSR 0xE2 before patch 1E008400 2:156 0:000 MSR 0xE2 is locked, PM patches will be turned on 2:156 0:000 MSR 0xCE 00080838_F7012200 2:156 0:000 MSR 0x1A0 00850089 So the questions is, what chipset is it referring to? You can see it resets after the USB section. Many kexts where added and removed, also config.plist nvidia disable, etc. Same result same reset. Thanks in advance. debugPL.log.zip
  10. Hi Y'all Successful install on a Dell Inspiron 3458. Dell Inspiron 3458 1.7 GHz Intel Core i3 SSD (replaced the original HD) 128GB Kingston 6 GB Ram Intel 4400 Graphics All working but WiFi. Need to buy and replace Intel AC 3160 with anything in the whitelist. BCM94352Z suggested. Still don't have it but will report back when done. As usual, its a result of using many other solutions, but primarily here. That helped start the install process that was stuck on crashing and reboot. After that a series of kexts from everywhere and a LOT OF GUESSING AND TRYING AS USUAL. The result is a Sierra 10.12.6 with full graphics (actually using hdmi output right now), LAN, sound, mouse(trackpad), keyboard, bluetooth, external apple trackpad, and others. Clover started to boot then after the ++++++++++++++++++ (using verbose mode) crash with no panic or anything message. The reason, the graphics adapter. VERY IMPORTANT to know, how to fix it was putting a FakeId IntelGFX= 0x04128086 (in Devices top left) and ig-platform-id=0x0a260006 (in Graphics) in config.plist. Can use a ig-platform-id of 0x12345678 just for the install. Will boot and then attack all other issues like graphics, sound, lan and keyboard/mouse. Also mouse(trackpad) and keyboard did not work oob so had to put vodoops2 and keyboard kexts or use external keyboard/mouse (rather dumb....) but better just copy the attached files to your EFI volume. Using Clover 4099 (or latest). Did do this in another Hackintosh so it was easier. Attach is config.plist, Clover/Kexts/Other and the Clover/drivers64UEFI folder from the final solution. Should also work in the USB install drive. I did not use USB to install. Restored a Sierra image from my Desktop Hackintosh to the SSD and worked from there. If anybody needs the EFI folder (28.8MB) let me know. Thanks to all the other guys from many posts. Other.zip config.plist.zip drivers64UEFI.zip
  11. Hi Y'all I have installed OSX in many desktops and some laptops since 10.4 so I am a little experienced on the subtleties of the process. I recently installed Sierra from El Capitan and then High Sierra on my desktop. Not bragging just to state that I know how to do this. I ask help after 3 days of searching in the forum and elsewhere, trying to apply some concepts read to no avail. Given this, I tried to install Sierra 10.12.6 in a Dell Inspiron 3458, Intel I3 (Haswell), 6 GB, and 128SSD. MoBo is Dell, Haswell ULT chipset and southbridge H8x/P8x (CPU-Z) Tried with a SSD already installed 10.12.6 which is working in a desktop and with the USB standard install. The result, in both cases and MANY config.plist options, BIOS options (the usual disable thread, vt etc) is the image attached. One can see the Clover Boot Selection screen has started to boot ( set to verbose), see the process until the +++++++++++++++ shows and then it resets WITHOUT a panic or any other message. The USB was used to set the desktop, which is Intel i7, and GT620 so the only big difference is the graphics card being integrated in the HD4400. The config.plist is attached, its bare minimum, inject intel, verbose, x86-64, CPUS=1, rootless, SMBIOS is a MacBookAir5,2 (also tried other smbios). I can not see what is crashing the system, presumably the kexts in the Clover Other directory which again are minimum and most recent, FakeSMC, IntelGraphicsFixUp, lilu, NullCPUPowerManagement. Clover was installed using UEFI option cause the Laptop does not see a non UEFI drive (no bootable device found....). EFI/Boot/bootx64efi is present. Ill appreciate any pointers or links that can help solve this. Thanks. Sorry, had to post it to see a similar one. Please disregard. config.plist.zip
  12. http://hackintosher.com/guides/how-to-opt-out-of-apfs-in-high-sierra/ I didn't do exactly what is said here since I have another SSD that I can boot from and then just changed the entry in the file of the destination install volume via terminal.
  13. Hi Y'all. I have a weird problem with the upgrade of Sierra to HS but ONLY( ) with the video card, Asus GT620. The install itself had a problem which got stuck but was solved by a patch the the AppleAHCIPort (found in the config.plist) that was another post , but it finally booted and the install went well. Its the same Hackintosh in a different SSD(same size/model), hence EVERYTHING is the same in terms of Hardware. In Sierra the 2 graphics cards work perfectly with all 4 screens(attached 2 of the 4 screens in Sierra). Needs the NVCAP in order for all 4 screens to work. (config.plist) In HS they do not work at all, image attached(gt620.png), does recognize (or tries to) all 4 screens, but rendering is useless, garbled, and flickering permanently. I have tried a lot of combinations of kexts, configs, drivers64 and drivers64 UEFI removing components to no avail. I mean a lot. Every NVIDIA kext, Nvidia web drivers, Cuda drivers, injects kexts the whole nine yards. No result. Same results for a APFS and non-APFS install. As I said, same Hackintosh, no hardware changes. Actually Im writing on the Sierra SSD and all works fine. Anybody any idea? Thanks in advance. Config.plist of HSierra attached Specs: MoBo: Intel Dx79T0 CPU: Intel i7-3820 RAM: 32GB SSD: 3-120GB and 500GB Kingston Graphics: 2 GT620 4 screens. Ethernet: IntelE1000 Wifi: Atheros40 Sound: VodooHDA OSX: Install macOS High Sierra.app (October 16, 2017 at 7:41 PM) downloaded Sunday Nov 19 confighs.plist.zip
  14. For sanity check I used another EFI folder from a suggested "installation" and made the AppleAHCIPort fix. DID NOT WORK. Changed again to my original EFI folder + the AppleAHCIPort fix and it works. So im including the EFI folder I have thats in the EFI Volume of the booting hd. Dropbox link due to size. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxdhiv98n9zojux/EFI.zip?dl=0 Hope it helps. RSN Install form here http://hackintosher.com/guides/updating-hackintosh-high-sierra-10-13/