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Snow Leopard on Sony Vaio?


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Hey, everyone. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW560f. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+VAIO+La...p;skuId=9556198

My graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 4650, and my wireless card is a SmartWi. Anyone know if there are drivers for them? How do I install drivers post installation? What distro should I download? I know I'm a noob, and noobs are annoying but I'd really love some help. Thanks.

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I have the same model Vaio and used the SnowOSX Universal distro (specifically the USB Flash version)


There are currently no drivers for our wireless card and though we can get full resolution on our display (follow this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=#entry1386769) QE and CI are not supported yet. Support for ATI mobility cards are advancing every day and there are people working on getting our wireless card working as well.


Other things I haven't been able to get working 100% :


-Sound (I'm sure its possible, but am more concentrated on getting QE and CI working atm)

-MotionEYE Cam (works in photobooth but not ichat)



As far as kexts, check your devices in windows (device manager) and search for the kexts via google, here or kexts.com . Your wireless card is actually an "Intel® WiFi Link 5100 AGN" for instance, device manager tells you that.

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Thank you, I started up a torrent. How do I install ktext's? And is the a wifi usb dongle I can buy that will work? My only option is wifi.


I own a VGN-NW21EF and Snow Leopard works out from scratch if you use Hazard disc. All the hardware is supported on the NW21EF, regarding WLAN Atheros 928, it does work with 10.6.1 Atheros Fix on either 32 and 64 bit.


Now the real deal is that you have no support for HD4xxx cards from Mobility series, which basiclly means you will use the Apple Framebuffer as rendering device. Yes it's victory as it works, but you can't expect performance out of it. MacOSX is only worth if you have hardware acceleration.


There's news that Apple is working on 2 new MacPro's (possibly 6.1 and 7.1) which will include ATI cards from the range 45xx (a spanish source even mentions the HD4570), thats mainly the true reason why those drivers poped on 10.6.2. But we still have to wait some more time until we get some real info about it.


As I said before, it should work with Apple FrameBuffer Render, which drops all the performance.


In adition, there's a couple of drivers you need to remove from the base install to get it working (at least for the NW21EF), being them:


AppleFramebuffer.kext, if you don't remove it, you will get a black screen (the TFT is actually lit, but showing black screen), this might be related to the output of the Mobility cards (read something from netkas about it), but I'm not much into the scene for now.

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What graphics card does our NW have? I used to have an NW, but I returned it and got an FW for gaming.


HD4570, probably the best low end card after 3dFX Banshee :(


Burning now, wish me luck.


Dont forget to apply the patches, and for NW there's a couple of things you need to do:


Dont use DSMOSResolver.kext, or seg fault on kernel boot.

Remove or rename ATIFramebuffer.kext (or you get black screen)


That aside, it should work with AppleFramebuffer, which means no hardware acceleration for graphics. Its sad, but should give you a running system anyway.


From the hazard disc, dont use 10.6.1, only select 10.6.2 patch.

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