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  1. The_old_PC

    Snow Leopard on Sony Vaio?

    hey any luck with the install?
  2. Hi So I wanted to know if i can run my laptop in Virtualbox? My specs are: Intel core 2 duo P7450 2.13 ghz 6 gig ram and the ati radeon mobility 4650 with 1 gig dedicated ram. And can I run a retail installation? So that i can update? Thanks in advance!!
  3. The_old_PC

    Install Leopard on Sony Vaio FW Laptop?

    I have pretty much the same specs except the p series and only 6 gig ram so did you have any luck?
  4. Ok i was not in this forum for a while now Just wanted to know if there is a working install for ati users? Thx
  5. Hey ryan. just a question but, will this cd restore work on ubuntu?
  6. Lol i have the same config! Even the ram Only diffrence i have the 2 500 gb as it was more reliable at the time i bought Sadly it still does not work for me. Iatkos did not boot It stopped here: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=foto315owmd.jpg And i had to reinstall windows because the chameleon bootloader messed up everything. @rbanco the mbr fix was the first thing i tried as ubuntu already mesed it up frequently thats always my first gues Now i have windows 7 Any help or is the 132 cd anywhere near to be released for ati?
  7. Hey i have a small problem. I installed i iaktos version and it got stuck somewhere. Nevermind that. I cant boot into windows anymore. iatkos installed the chameleon r1 bootloader. I used the iatkos v7 version. Anz help Writing this from ubuntu lve cd i will try the windows 7 repair disk now!
  8. So basically i still need a working mac install. Ok i will try the version rbanaco suggested. After the install is on i will just follow the guide without modding osx anyfurther. Or do i need something spezial to do this guide? @rbanaco Which Ati gpu do you have and which lext did you use? Can i use the fi tempfix ati efi.dmg
  9. Oh ok which iaktos did you use and what settings? I think Ryan will bring out the boot 132 cd anyway so i will see. Thanks anyway
  10. Sorry but if i install something it has to be perfect and iaktos is just not good enough I want one with updates and so on. Man looking forward to it Ryan!!
  11. I cant say if it works as i do not have a working install. I started follwing the guide and waied for my friend to bring his mac which he did not
  12. Sorry it did not work yet until now i am waiting for Ryan I hope he brings it out than i can help you.
  13. Hey Thanks for the guide! I am a ATI user and do not have a mac. Just bring out the cd and i will try it and will write you if something goes wrong. I have th ati hd 4870 gpu and it is the same as the Apple ones. So it should me fine or?
  14. I really have to agree it is only 30 euro but to say it is superior to windows is harsch. I am writing this from windows
  15. Man thanks a lot! I tried the one with the efi stick but my friend was to scared and i could not come up with a working mac os. If you would post it it would be soo cool! Man you are the best! I really appreciate your work! I will try out the tutorial next week, if it comes out as i have vacation. Man i hope this time it will wokr Man it is like christmas for me. It actually is snowing here lol