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Firewire Audiophile ....Help Needed

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Hey, i'm new here and i'm not even sure if this is the right site to post.Weither way here's the deal, I've bought a Firewire Audiophile and I've been using for long time with no problems of at all. This changed when my hard drive was replaced for a new one, and to "help" I lost the Installation Cd. So I downloaded the newest drivers and successfully instaled the device. The problem is when I turn on Windows Media Player I put some Mp3 playing and after a while the sounds stops. I don't if I installed some program that generates incompatiblity with the device like Windows Media Player 11 beta or Windows Live Messenger. I know this might sound stupid, even for me sounds, but I can't find a explanation why before the hard drive was replaced everything was working well and now ,just with some different applications I've might installed, doesn't work. I'm desperate and I can't figure out the problem. By the way is not for Mac, is for PC...but I couldn't find a decent forum that could help me.

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Call M-audio tecjh support they are very quick to respond. I had troubles with the Firewire Solo. Found out it was a problem with the unit they replaced it within a week.


M-Audio Tech Support

(626) 633-9066

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Hi i have a similar problem but i am using OSX on a PC ,not a real Mac!

Mine is an USB Audiophile and i think the problem is USB or Firewire related because of the kext not properly instaled or recognised.

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