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  1. axept

    Easy Update to 10.4.8

    Hi any chance to get your patch in other way ?
  2. axept

    Asio Applications With Low Performance

    You need a faster CPU and Universal plugins. I have an 2.8 P4 with audiophile USB and it's not enough for serious audio production!
  3. axept

    Firewire Audiophile ....Help Needed

    Hi i have a similar problem but i am using OSX on a PC ,not a real Mac! Mine is an USB Audiophile and i think the problem is USB or Firewire related because of the kext not properly instaled or recognised.
  4. axept

    [Guide] KDE on OSX86

    Hi ppl. Sorry for not sayin' a word all this time but i only found this today. It's nice to know someone tried it. I Am Curious to know if someone with a real Mac could compile mplayer and about the sound ... Thanks About the menu,well, the taskbar doesn't show up ,a least with an PC MAC!So the only way is to call konqueror and get all the apps with it.
  5. axept

    My system not reboot!

    Hi i have an Intel P4 2.8 and i have not applied the amd enabler patch yet,so the Mach_Kernel doesn't have that line,do you think it is safe to apply the amd enabler just to get a matching kernel to edit ? I saw someone with an P4 saying it worked but i'm affraid of messing it. thanks
  6. KDE on OSX86 How to do it: (Only works with 10.4.4/5/6 versions!) You need to install X11 and Xcode tools , i´ve used Jas 10.4.3 DVD to install Xcode but you have other ways . Download DarwinPorts last version (source),so get the tar.bz2 or the tar.gz DarwinPorts 1.2.1 Extract the tar. ;open a Terminal and get inside the folder with " CD / " command , do an: $./configure then $make and to finish $sudo make install go inside the DarwinPorts-1.2.1 and open the text file "README_RELEASE1" where you can find the how to! or copy paste this to the terminal: #export PATH=/opt/local/bin:$PATH enter #port sync enter #port selfupdate enter and to finish #port install kdebase3 it takes 4 hours or more to build KDE! After finishing open X11 and open the folder "/opt/local/bin/" with Finder , double click " kdeinit " and " kdesktop " after. To stop KDE double click " kdeinit_shutdown " note that to get to the applications on KDE you should look for the "run command" app rightclicking your mouse then type "konqueror" on it! It´s hardwork i know but you can manage to install and run some games (kdegames3) finally without QE/CI working! Sound and Video applications do not install, that means there´s no sound on KDE and the Taskbar doesn´t comme(On a "PC" Mac!) up but you have Mac taskbar for using all the time. you may have to type #export PATH=/opt/local/bin:$PATH everytime you start the terminal to install some port! then do an #port list to see what is available. Have fun.
  7. axept

    Monkey's Audio - APE format

    sorry but your post looks like a bit of showoff. and okay i´ll try to install darwine. my apologies.
  8. axept

    Monkey's Audio - APE format

    Hi it's just to say :that can be done in a much easier way,just download the testing universal binary from Cog website! http://cogosx.sourceforge.net/testing.php Besides that installing darwine it's not for everybody!
  9. axept

    New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    Sorry but that one is only for people with openGL working.i´ve tried it myself with no sucess. I use nvidia!
  10. Hi Just right click on Logic Express application to show package contents then open Resources,inside it you have Logic AU Manager!
  11. I have an M Audio Audiophile USB using the first Intel Core Duo Drivers 1.6.2 ,they are not 100% fully working,i mean sometimes the audio stops and i need to turn the unit switch off/on to get sound again. I suspect the problem it s not the drivers itself! I can open panel control and midi is working but note that i´m using 10.4.5!
  12. Hi I suppose you have an PC keyboard not Mac like me ,so it is Shift + @ ,but probably like me you need to configure input method for keyboard on system preferences and add USA to get it,i mean i use another language most part of time but to get @ and another symbols i need to switch to USA.
  13. axept

    Reason 3.0.5 Unibin ..... soon!

    using onboard sound is no good ,i mean with my P4 2.8 10.4.5 1024 ram we need to switch to maximum latency to listen the last song that comes included and an average 50% cpu load,with all songs! And after install recent intel m audio audiophile usb drivers there´s no big improvement at least with full demosongs.
  14. Hi Someone's did post a way to force it to load sudo -s cd /System/Library/Extensions/ chown -R root:wheel AppleVIAATA.kext chmod -R 755 AppleVIAATA.kext reboot note that person did not post that commands correctly and i don´t know if is ´root:wheel´ or ´root : wheel´.Just try it ! I should not give any errors.I´m saying this cos i give up using my AMD with an Asus A8V motherboard ,i only had sound on the left speaker! Let me know if it worked ,and if someone know how to fix the onboard sound on that motherboard let me know too. Thanks
  15. axept

    Safari Crashes More Often in 10.4.5

    and why the hell you use bloody safari with plugins disabled instead of camino full working?