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What is the Best mATX MoBo to buy

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I just came into enuff cash to build a unit.. I had a new duo core mini in had and put it back and walked out of the store.. $1035 cnd is a lot to pay for a first gen intel mac..


So I wanna try to build one..


What is the best mATX mObo to buy so that I have everything working??


- Sound (In/out/surround)

- Video (Intel 950 for now,but a slot to expand )

- Sata

- Gigabit Ethernet


I have been reading the site for an hour now and still can't figure out the best option.. being able to dual/triple boot would also be cool sometime down the road..


Abysmal :P

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This is what you want:


Intel Desktop Board D945GTP


GMA950, Gigabit internet, partially working audio (although I would recommend USB audio if you want 100% working audio), EFI BIOS support and very close to the board which is in a Mac.


If you really want a Mac, though, you can do no better than a real one for no compromises!



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