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BEST ATIX1600 out of box? Not sure if I will get a reply in next hour, as I'm heading to store soon.

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I know tweaks have to be done but what I mean by out of the box is most reliable. ...


Think I read MSI seems to be the one to get to work with Borg method? X1600?


Peace, cheers, and links appreciated!





PS, while your at it, if you have a recommend (USA) for the best overclocking board with Intel GMA950, give that a shout out!



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For the best ATI X1600 out of the box its the Asus X1600 XT Silence Version, just on that one u will get DVI working. All the others X1600 DVI will not work with exception of some Dual DVI X1600 (no VGA connector).


About the board i dont know, didnt use Intel for a while.

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