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2 or 3 pickup Guitar?

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Hi. Is 3 pick-ups significant to have with an electric guitar? Or 2 is alright? I'm thinking of buying a 2 pick-up electric guitar from Ibanez coz' it's only around 150 dollars (in the Philippines, converted) but the if there's a significant advantage to having 3 pick-up, since guitars will last you a lifetime, then that's worth saving for.


I plan to plug it straight in a line-in of my computer so I can compose (try at least) nice songs and sounds to be heard from a 5.1 speaker. It'll be easier to edit and record as well compared to a mic. I'm on a tight budget now, I may not have money for pre-amp (then to the line-in of the computer). I heard (if that Ibanez has firewire), that could also be used and could be better than plugging it into the line-in alone. Would using it through a firewire be good enough to give it a good sound? Recommendations are welcome. Thank you in advance and advanced Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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There's nothing wrong with a 2 pickup guitar. Plenty of great guitars only have 2 pickups. Just look at most Les Pauls. It just depends on what sounds good to you. If you're not able to play the guitar before buying it, I suggest you find the guitar locally so you can play it and get an idea of what it will sound like and how it will feel in your hands. Keep in mind that no 2 guitars will sound exactly alike though. If it's a new guitar, then I would definitely recommend taking it to a guitar tech and having it setup. Especially cheaper guitars can benefit from being properly setup.

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A 2 pickup guitar (humbucking) will give you a "fatter" sound more emphasis on the low mids. It will also typically be quieter with less hum (hence the name humbucker). A 3 pickup guitar (single coil) will give you a brighter sound, more emphasis on mids and highs, some have a "bell like" quality. It just depends on what sound you are going for, both are good sounds if used properly.

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