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Getting PCCard Bus to Work 10.4.6 w/Thinkpad R32

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Ok, this was killing me. I wanted wireless and couldn't get it with the IBM Thinkpad R32 using the TI 1410 PCCard bus, at least, not in 10.4.6. Here's the work around. OS 10.4.3 and 10.4.5 have working drivers, however, I had several crashes with 10.4.3, and 10.4.5 didnt event work right. So I did a clean install of 10.4.6 and download a utility called Pacifist from www.charlessoft.com. After installing this, I selected "Open Package" from its main window and navigated to my 10.4.3 install DVD's extensions (/System/Installation/Packages/Essentials.pkg). Once there, I clicked the arrow to extend the list. Right clicking on IOPCCardFamily.kext will give you a drop down menu, select "Install to default location" and when the pop up comes up, make sure you check "use administrative rights" and punch in your password. Overwrite all the existing files (you can click the checkbox on the pop and click to overwrite the files for all), and then restart. Boom! You PCCardBus works now:)


Now, I was using a DLInk DWL-G630 card which I thought was supported. However, unless you have rev C its not. I have rev B so after hours of tooling and no luck, I got my hands on a LinkSys WPC54G. after following this tutorial http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...16963&hl=wpc54g I got wireless working!


So to sum up, 10.4.6, working PCCArd Bus and wireless! what more can I ask for? 10.5 w/the Windows API so I can run windows stuff i need for work!! LOL

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Hello Justin, just found your post and since I got an old R32 to play with I've installed leo 5.4.

Do u have further info about your old install in this machine?

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