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Input remapper, Questions on Unibody 17" Macbookpro

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I have been runinng on the 1st Gen Macbookpro, with input remapper since 2007, XP.


Now considering a upgrade to the newer unibody 17".

From my reading, I have determined that Apple did nothing to correct the fan speed issue with later versions of boot camp drivers and the over heating issue now may be even worse with the higher end graphics cards.

I have read posts where some people seem to have the last version of input remapper working with their unibody machines and other posts where there seem to be problems. I wanted to see if I could ask a few questions.


1. If anyone has a newer 08+ unibody working with the last version on input remapper, can you post your environment, i.e. OS. I have been concerned that with 64 bit Vista, that input remapper wouldn't work since I don't believe it ever had any 64 bit support. So does anyone have 64 or 32 bit Vista working? if so what version of boot camp.


2. Has anyone tried the other method of booting into the mac side, using SMC fan control (which I have on my old machine and it works on the mac side fine) adjusting your fan speed and then booting back to windows without a hard power down. Does Vista 64 or 32 bit allow the fan speed to continue?


3. Any other ideas solutions that others have come up with.


Amazing to me 2 years later and Apple still has this same problem.



Paul Caldwell


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I've actually had more success with Fan Control than I ever had with SMC. Not only does it keep its settings after a shut down, it also allows for much more customization than SMC. With SMC all you can do is set the fan speed and the settings only apply to Windows via a reboot (shutdown resets them) which is bad for a few reasons, one being the life of your fans. With Fan Control, you set the temperate at which your fan speeds start to rise and temp at which they peak. This way when your computer gets hot, your fans cool it down properly instead of just running balls to the wall constantly.


I run 64 bit Vista SP1 and both programs work properly, I just prefer Fan Control due to the extended settings. One thing to keep in mind... You have to reset your SMC in order for Fan Control to take control. Here's a tutorial:




The stats of the rig I'm on:


Macbook Pro Unibody 17" (April 2009)

Vista SP1 64bit, OS X 10.5

Thanks for the info.


One question. Since Fan Control is a mac based program I am assuming you make the settings on the

mac side. Do they hold their settings if you boot into Vista via Bootcamp?



Paul Caldwell

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