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Kale R.

[Solved!] Missing GarageBand instruments upon installation!

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I go to use an instrument that has an arrow pointing right to the right of the name.. it asks for me to install it either from the internet, from the iLife DVD, or later..


My first idea was to download via Software Update (the Internet option I mentioned earlier). The download went smoothy, but upon installation it said it couldn't be done for one reason or another. The specific error message I get after download and pre-install is, "The digital signature for this package is incorrect. The package may have been tampered with or corrupted since being signed by Apple." I imagine this is Apple's Anti-Piracy mechanism.. so then I try to install from DVD, only problem is.. my copy of iLife is on a .DMG not a DVD.. so when I click "Install" it says, "Please insert the iLife DVD!" even though I have the iLife DMG image mounted to my computer. Can I trick it to read a DMG as a DVD? Is there a way around the Software Update?


The update I am missing is called:

GarageBand Instruments and Apple Loops, it's 1.1 GB and version 1.0


I'm thinking the only way to fill in the instrument gaps in my copy of GarageBand is to hope that update has been isolated somewhere else that I can download it from other than Software Update. I've googled it loads of times in tons of different ways (the suggestions also pop up, so I know other people out there are looking for the same thing I am) but I just can't find it. Does anyone have any clues or any ideas on how to remedy this situation.


I thought maybe burning the DMG image to a DVD and having GarageBand read that might work.. but I don't have anymore blank DVD's.. if anyone else is having this problem, I implore you to give that a try and tell me if it works or not. As for the rest of you who want to help me out, please share any information you think is relevant!



If you have your iLife DVD, you can easily manually instal the missing update from the DVD. Insert the DVD and select the third option upon clicking a disabled instrument. The instructions below pertain to installing the update without the use of a DVD. Simply click the update from Internet option (via Software Update) and install the update mentioned above, disregard the error message you get and follow the instructions below.

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You can manually extract it by,



Go to the trash can, see there's a tar file downloaded from the apple site.

It should be as this.


GarageBandExtraContent.tar 1.12GB


Double click it to unstuff.



Now you see GarageBandExtraContent.pkg, also double click it.

Installer will launch, continue and continue, finish the installer.



Open the garageband, you'll see the updated apple loops and instruments.



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Thank you! You sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar. However, I had to take the necessary steps that differed from your instructions (to help avoid confusion for other readers, as I know this is a widespread problem).


1. I found the .TAR file (GarageBandExtraContent.tar) in the trash.

2. I dragged the .TAR file to the desktop

3. I unarchived it and a new folder appeared on my desktop.

4. In the folder, there was another .TAR file (GarageBandExtraContent.pkg.tar) and an unknown file with no file extension. It was called signature.

5. I unarchived the new .TAR file and in the new folder was the .PKG file (GarageBandExtraContent.pkg) you mentioned.

6. I followed the onscreen instructions and opened GarageBand.


The missing instruments and loops were installed and functional! Thanks again for the help, coolchiselz!

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