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  1. Exact same problem, here's what I've done with no avail: Xcode from TPB, remove with Sudo, Xcode from App Store, remove with Sudo, Xcode from App Store on fresh VM, remove with Sudo, cleared cache files, Xcode from App Store. Right now I've made a new Admin account and am installing on there. Edit: Looks like I've got the solution! You have to uninstall Xcode, make a new administrator account, shut down, open that new account, install Xcode by going into /Applications/Install Xcode/ Should start up automatically once it's done
  2. I know this was solved but for anyone who couldn't find the file in their trash (like me), here is the download for the ExtraContent.tar. Straight from Apple's servers: http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/4...xtraContent.tar (1.12 GB) Then just follow the steps above. Worked for me on 10.6.5 on iLife '11
  3. Dimension E310 iAtkos

    can't seem to find where I'm supposed to set MBR, there are no options in Disk Utilities that have this, using iAtkos v1i Also, used a bunch of different versions of GParted, no option to force VESA drivers, I get a bunch of other options and I can get to the GUID, but no VESA. on the E310.