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Release1 DVD Boot to "S-states[s0 s4 s5]" stopped


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Hello, everyone!

I use the Release 1 patched DVD to boot to Install,but when it reached "ACPI: Supported S-states[s0 s4 s5](s0)", it just stopped, no longer going on,

What's the problem? :( Anybody who knows please help me, many thanks...


BTW: my hardware:

CPU: P4 1.6A (Northwood)

Mainboard: ASUS P4B266-C

Video card: ATI Radeon 7500

HD: Seagate ST340016A

Sound: C media CMI8738

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understar: I have the exact same symptoms with my Asus P4PE board and Intel 2.4Ghz Northwood! My next steps are to try the deadmoo VMware image dd'd to a single HD. If that fails, I will go back and make a Test3 Release DVD. I remember seeing the same "S-states" symptoms being mentioned by someone who was working on Test3 and then started getting these errors with Release1. Good luck!


BTW, everything works fine with my Release1 DVD on a Dell D800 laptop so I know the DVD was created correctly.


UPDATE: The deadmoo image boots as long as I boot with platform=x86pc and disable the nVidia kexts. None of the patches have been installed, so of course, apps are unstable, iTunes fails to load (PPC), etc. Next up is the Test3 DVD build and install.


UPDATE 2: It seems Test3 also works. Given my extremely limited experience with OSX on any platform, I have to say that Release1 was more stable and had better hardware support for my Intel-based Dell D800. However, without the ability to boot with "platform=x86pc", I can't run it on 2 of my other systems. From searching around the net it seems like quite a few people are having the same issue so I hope bender/broadband continue to work on a Release 1.x. I'll keep hacking away myself to try and get my install of Test3 as close to Release1 (given the available documentation of what was changed).

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