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90% Success Vanilla SL (10.6) install on Lenovo Y450 Laptop (Dual Boot Vista)

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Hi Guys,


I'm fairly a beginner at this, and this is my first hackintosh, but I just wanted to share my experience with a 10.6 Vanilla install on my Lenovo Y450 Laptop. The model I have has 2GB DDR3 Memory, and a Nvidia G110M Graphic Card with 256MB


I used the following tools during the install:



- USB Install Disk

- I used a 8GB USB Flash Disk which I modified using myHack_Installer_1.0_RC3_r32.mpkg.zip from here


- I used Paragon Partition Manager under Vista to set up the partition I was going to use for OSX (initially formatted to FAT32), and the partition that was going to be the storage for both OS (FAT32).


- VOODOOHDA Kext to fix the Audio on my ALC269 Audio Device


- Graphics worked off the bat with Chameleon RC3/PC EFI 10.3 Combo.


After installation of OSX, I reinstalled the myHack package on my new OSX installation volume, which now handles my dual boot with Vista like a charm.


What DOESN'T Work:

- WIFI: As far as I know, there is still no working solution for the Intel WIFI LINK 5100 device. If there is a way to fix this by kext or DSDT, please let me know so I don't have to buy a temporary USB WIFI solution


- SLEEP: When my OSX goes to Sleep, the display goes out, but the fans, hard drive, and all the lights on the keyboard are still lit. Plus, I can't get it to wake up. I have read countless posts on similar problems, and have tried most of them but the problem is still there.


- AUDIO: I got audio working with VOODOOHDA.kext, though the volume is very low even at max volume. I'm not sure if this can be fixed in some other way. Compared to Vista, it's about half or less volume.


EDIT 10/24/09 - Fixed the low volume with the VOODOOHDA from here



- Built in Webcam: Weird, coz it's recognized in the system profiler as Lenovo EasyCamera, but does not work in PhotoBooth


EDIT 10/24/09 - Webcam is from Bison Electronics


So far, I'm very happy with my installation, but it would be a lot better once I get the WIFI, SLEEP and maybe fix the volume problem. I appreciate any help from the more experienced users here, as I've spent almost 2 weeks just reading up on the SLEEP problem, and still cannot find a solution.


Thanks very much.

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1. wifi driver still in progress. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=164237

2. for sound did you install the driver found here? try this kext and remember to install prefpane too


3. sleep is a fairly complicated problem. try sleepenabler.kext (google it)

4. and for webcam.......pls post some info

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Hi Psychodude,


Thanks for the answers.


1. Yup, I'm actually on the mailing list of the Google Code website awaiting its progress.

2. Thanks for this, I'm trying this out now.

3. I already have that kext installed from Chameleon RC3, but the problem still remains. The screen dies, but the keyboard lights and fans are on, and it won't wake up no matter what I do.

4. The webcam is discovered as Lenovo EasyCamera. It's actually a Bison Electronics camera. Is there any specific information I should look for?


Again, thanks for the help.

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wow that's great. I too have a Lenovo 450 so this gives me hope that i can install it on my machine. Not sure when i'll try though. maybe today as i have nothing else to do. did you get wifi working btw?

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