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PEBKAC or do I not have enough patience??


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I got the mac os x86 .tar file and extracted it ontop my desktop.. THen I moved it to my 60 gig drive. I have this .pdf file that shows how to do everything.. 2 questions..




First, on the .pdf file, it says " First install VMware 5, second, Make sure your tiger x86 For VMware folder is on a drive or partition with more then 10 gigs" So I did that, thats why I moved it to the 60 gig drive..

But it shows a picture of the image being hosted by a "virtual hard drive" which, I am confused about..


My first question is, how do I make a virtual drive to host tiger on?


This is where it gets odd and kinda confuseing..


I did happen to mess around with it and did able to get it to load. I did get the picture of an gray apple, but it just sits there, I waited like 3 minutes and nothing happened.. The green hard drive button wasent green.. So I am thinking I did something wrong.. Or did I just not have any patience...


Thanks in advance!





Mike Felman





Btw, my specs are



Sager 9860


3.4 Intel

gig of pc4200 ram

2 60 gig drives, non raid

x800 video card

Not on battery.

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You're using an older method that is likely to be much more trouble than you need. Rather, look into getting the iso for the developer DVD and then apply the release 1 patch. MUCH simpler and has a really great success rate.


I'm not allowed to post the location for the DVD, but if you were to search on a torrent site for something like "mac developer dvd" you'd probably be successful. There are two versions of the dvd, the phenix version and the deadmoo. The only difference between the two is that Deadmoo has done the initial conversion to an ISO file for you, and this is the one I prefer.


The generic dvd patcher is next (again bittorrent is you best bet), and once you have the patched DVD you can install it just as if you had a developer platform.


Further details can be fouind HERE


Hope that helps.

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