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Finaly got it working! Used test3 Generic DVD Patch, and platform=X86PC to boot, everything else went smooth, only main problem is really slow hd access, and I'm not sure if sound works. Installed the SSE2/3 Patch and am running itunes and audium :mellow:


Specs are:


Intel Pentium 4, 1.60 ghz (oced to 2.13) SSE2 only

ASUS P4S333 mobo (sis chipset)

Onboard sis ide for hd and dvd

512 megs ram

ATI Radeon 9550

40 Gig Maxtor drive

Adaptec ata raid adaptor (unused at the moment, but its still pluged in)

3com Vortex ethernet card

Generic USB2 card

Generic Firewire card

Onboard Cmedia sound card (not sure about the model num, theres a option to disable and use ac97 in the bios)

Toshiba Dual layer burner


Its actualy decently resposive, and working fairly stable. Im posting from it now using firefox deer park (safari doesnt render the forums right, at least not for me, anyone else?)


thanks to blender12, br0adband, maxxuss, and everyone else that made patches, and to everyone that helped out in other ways too :blink: (oooh, new version of the sse2/3 patch, have to get it)



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