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  1. I'm gonna try using a DVD for install, already did everything else (no BIOS update, it's a laptop so there are some USB devices that can never be unplugged and a shocking lack of actual options in the BIOS) The way its worded, I don't think the EHCI bit is actually an error, more just the boot status, then it freezes before getting to the next message. Thanks
  2. Nope, still no go. What normally comes after this?
  3. Unfortunately my bios doesn't have that, or many other, options. Is there any way to disable USB2 with kernel options?
  4. I'm trying to follow devout's guide to install 10.6.8 on AMD, but can't even get the installer to boot. I've restored my install DVD onto a USB drive and installed ModUSB, but whenever I try to actually boot the install medium, I get to the point where it says: Starting Darwin x86 Press any key to continue..... Then I get: EHCI controller [irrelevant numbers] at moreNumbers DMA otherNumber Guide I'm following: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=253767 Edit: Obviously I'm pressing any key then getting the EHCI error.