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Only Darwin Boots, Errors...


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I get into darwin, it says my 6600gt is vesa 3.0 complient (ok). I try to boot with -v -x and all I get is a huge wait (eventually 10-10 minutes later I get the light blue background screen with the mac os mouse cursur, but it just sits there while my mouse is free to roam about) but while scrolling text (slowly) I get errors like:

"kextd[27]: can't find extension with id com.apple.iokit.iousbuserclient" ,

"kextd-parent[26]: iokitwaitquiet() timed out"

then about 20 or so message relating to "mDNSResponder" like

"localhost mDNSResponder: mDNSPlatformSendUDP sendto failed to send packet on interfaceID 01808600 lo0/4 to blahblahblah (no route to host)"


I am assuming its trying to configure my network device (which i HAVE disabled via bios), any darwin commands to ignore networking? any ideas?


it takes about a half hour to get to the light blue screen with the cursor.

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