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Dual boot-win 7 plus snow leopard on GPT

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I just want to say that I have managed to install windows 7 64bit ultimate and snow leopard retail on

Gigabyte GA P35 s3G on a Guid drive: with intel Q6600 4GB memory and Nvidia 7series card with ALC662 sound.


This is what I did after a long trail and error


I used leopard which is installed on my USB drive.

my USB drive is also Guid and it has the following partitions


1- Snow install DVD(retail) 10GB

2- Leopard (running image 10.5.8) 160 GB including windows 7 activated running under Mac Fusion . everything works

3- Snow (running image 10.6.1 no kernel panic no issues except no sound ) 200GB

4-windows installer 7 DVD 5Gb

5-iDeneb 10.5.07DVD 10 Gb

6- Windows Extra

This is what i did. i loaded leopard 10.5.8

my bios is all enabled and SATA=AHCI mode


Disk utility---------> partition


Formatted the drive i want to install snow+WIN7 IN GUID USING 2 PARTITIONS(you can use more if you want)


1- I called it windows 7

2- I called it snow leopard

Format both in Fat and not HFS+

install Chamleon2 RC3 in EFI under options

Restarted the PC

Loaded the Windows 7 DVD although it is quicker to use it from USB

when I got to install it says can't install blah blah because no NTFS..so click on first drive called windows 7 and format it in NTFS and Bingo. 30 odd minutes later restart your PC and update all your windows etc.... then download easyBCD install it but don't set it up yet.

Go back to Leopard and either restore the snow partition which is already working or install it from DVD image from HD leopard by following any of the Guides in this this forum or simply use boot 132 AND then load your DVD retail . I tried all of them for more then a month now on and off. i can confirmed they all worked after some patching DSDL......

Restart the PC

now here is the fun

when you boot

you will get to boot 0 ok then error on windows x00000e(something) ignore it

it will aks you to put your DVD and repair do that and let the DVD repair your boot( I have tried that many times before and it would not work even after going to command prompt and typed: bootrec /FiXMBR

Bootrec /Fixboot then bootrec/scanOS but when i installed chameleon on EFI i was able to repair it without any problem.

then restart PC and go to windows 7

once you are happy then load easyBCD and set it up by adding an entry in boot and call it what you like

i called mine snow hackintosh

save restart


My PC loaded a menu

windows 7

Snow Hackintosh


and that's it windows and snow both working on a GPT drive+EFI on SATA=AHCI mode


if you happen to forget and say installed windows in IDE instead of sata=AHCI don't worry it happened to me before. windows won't start so go to bios and Sata=Disable and then restart


simply go to Start on windows type:


go to windows local machine -->System....>CurrentControlSet........>Services....>MsAHCI

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ MSAHCI and on the right pane change the value of the string to 0 save and you should be ok to go back to bios and re-enable AHCI


I hope this quick guide will help you.

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cant get windows to boot. black screen with 0xc000000e.

repair doesnt work as you say.

what do u mean by <install chameleon on efi>?

if i boot with chameleon I cant swap to win7 dvd.

What do I do?

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