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iDenev 10.5.8 Realtek 8139

VIctor Ramalho Peres

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I have:


Motherboard: Intel Lakeport GI945GC

RAM: 2 GB 667mhz

S-ATA: 300 GB Samsung

VGA: Intel GMA 950

LAN: Realtek 8139/810X

Sound: Sigmatel STA C9221


I installed iDeneb 10.5.8 and my ethernet was fine (before first restart computer)

But when I restar my Hackinstosh my ethernet controller still exist however say "the cable is unplugued" and the cable was plugged.


Anyone know solve this ?


Best Regards


PS: In Leo4All my ethernet works fine and I try using the IONetWorkingFamily.Kext from Leo4All in iDeneb but occur the same problem.

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Hi Victor..

I have Exactly the same issue...

Accidentally, yesterday I allowed the update from APple, so my Hackintosh was upgraded to 10.5.8


My hardware is


Mobo: Asus p5kpl-am

Ram: 2Gb

Intel 2.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo.

Lan> Realtek 8139.


The lights on the Lan cable lit up, and everything looks fine, but I have no connection, and the status of the Ethernet is "Cable Unpluged"


Ireplaced the IONetworkingFamily .kext and reinstalled the raltek latest drivers and nothing...


Pls any help wpuld be appreciated!





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