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    Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Hi to all... I've had a problem with my Lan my Onboard is Realtek 8102EL (full HW specs are in my signature) My lan used to work, untill I accideantally updated to 10.5.8 and now I have no Lan... ANyone tried installing this driver and worked?? Pls... would really appreciate instrucions for a noob... I'm stuck with this problem!!...
  2. Hi, were you able to get the lan working?? I've been searching all over the web, and still no connection. My problem was that I updated the iDeben install on my hackintosh... and I lost my network...it only says network unplugged... Any ideas??
  3. Hi to all... First of all, been searching a lot, so here's my problem. My config is the one on my signature: Asus p5kpl-AM On board Realtek 8139 LAn. IDeneb, now on version 10.5.8 (I accidentally updated it...) Darwin version 9.6.0 The Lan worked fine with the RTL8139 kext... after the accidental update, I lost connection. The nic appears as detected., but it says that the network cable is unplugged... I'm a newbie, so I am attaching the system log and the network preferences screenshot... Need help here, I've been reading a lot, and don't know what to do... System_log.rtf
  4. Ho to all., Yesterday I accidentally updated my iDeneb Hackintosh to 10.5.8 (it was working on 10.5.6) What happened is that my onboard Raltek 8139 stopped working but on a strange way... It appears as 'Cable Unplugged", and can't maje it work... Anybody had the same problem? All the other things are working great, (video, Audio, usb, keb, mouse...) Thanks to everyone,
  5. DO IT

    iDenev 10.5.8 Realtek 8139

  6. Great news!!! Thanks for the info!! No idea about that card... Check out the NVinject drivers or the NVdarwind drivers if that card is supported... As you said... the 9800 works great! Cheers, Felipe
  7. Hi, check the chipset of this board (it is in the first part of the mobo user guide...). Mine board (P5KPL-AM says: Chipset: Northbridge: Intel G31, Southbridge: ICH7)... that is why you should check the options I mentioned before in the Customization thing. Where are you stuck in the installation? Which Video card are you using? Cheers, Felipe Google that board. Some ppl have evertything running with that board... (depends on your video card... the Intel onboard graphic adapter doesn't work) Pls post your full specs (video card, HD, DVD/CD Drive, Ram...) one helpfull thing is to put it on your signature. Cheers, Felipe Seems so... Try the same version I did... 1.4. Follow the instructions posted above (Except for the graphics adapter driver) Let us know how it goes. Cheers, Felipe
  8. Japogiii and Sed8ed, thanks for your help. In my signature you can all read my config. Here are the Customization things that I chose, and made avertything work great. The first one makes the PS2 keyboard and Mouse work after the installation finishes (without this, none of your PS2 periferals will work after installation) ICHx – without this you won’t be able to complete installation… OpenHaltRestart: Using this kext + the BIOS config and the Preferences settings you’ll get reboot, sleep and shutdown wihout problems. Video: GeForce Works gr8 with NVdarwind drivers. Patches 10.5.6 Ready [*]Alternative Essential Patch > PS2 Fix for… > PS2Fix Keyboard Chipset [*]ICHx Fixed Fix [*]PowerOff_OpenHaltRestart Video [*]Nvidia > NVdarwin > NVdarwin (…here goes your VGA mem size…) Applications [*]To your taste… however I recommend Kext Helper and OSX86 Tools I always skip the disk verification… it maybe recommended maybe to do it once (what I did was burn the DVD as slow as possible) and manually checked the MD5 after the download (oopss did I say that loud?) using Terminal (command MD5 and just drag the .iso file to terminal and wait some minutes. Then compare the result with the file you got together with the iso) If you are using PS2 keyb or Mouse and you don’t install the PS2 Fix, you won’t be able to use them once the osx starts… so you can either get a USB periferal or reinstall everything and select all that I am writing (what I did.) SOUND: use the driver that Japogiii posted, Works flawless. I installed the kext using Kext Helper (really easy) LAN: haven’t traed yet… but I am sure there will be no prob Cheers and thanks to everybody! Felipe (Uruguay)
  9. I managed to get an Nvidia GeForce 7200 (almost for free)... Now I managed to get the installation finished, but once I restart the PC, it just gets stucked in the grey apple Logo, and the grey wheel spinning... Any sugestions? I upgraded the MOBO Bios... should I downgrade it again? Any more details on the BIOS configuration?? Thanks again!! Felipe
  10. DO IT

    problemas con p5kpl-am

    Hola, Tengo la misma placa, he probado con Kalyway 10.5.2, iAtkos y ahora con iDeneb 1.4. acabo de aquirir una placa de video Nvidia 7200 (muy económica...) y logré terminar la instalación, pero al iniciar la máquina, queda trancada en la manzana gris y círculo gris girando... Alguna idea? Al hacer la instalación le actualizaron el BIOS a la placa?? Por favor! Estoy tratando hace días sin respuesta... gracias!!
  11. Thanks for your reply Sed8ed! I am on a budget, that is why I was asking... Thanks for the recommendations on the graphic cards!! I am thinking on getting an Nvidia card... Let you know once everything is installed, hopefully this week! Cheers, Felipe
  12. Hi to all... First post in this forum... Japogii, great post... thanks for the info! Now, has anyone got a complete installation using the p5kpl-am integrated graphic card?? I can't make any advances past the next two lines: 1) using iAtkos 5i: ACPCI_SMC_ctrlLoop::initCpuCtrlLoop - pmCPUControl (PMIOCSETPSTATETABLE) returned 0x3c14380 2) in Kalyway 10.5.2: Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1">IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict> In other cases, which graphic card would you recommend?? Thanks!