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Getting Chameleon to boot XP again

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so ive got leopard retail booting vanilla kernel via hidden EFI partition as my main OS, while trying to get snow leopard to work i made an image of my XP install and reformatted that drive for the SnoLeo stuff.


My HDD is GUID formatted and i used NTFS-3G to format the NTFS partitions.


0s1 EFI (hfs) - Booting Chameleon 2 RC1 with Extra/Extensions/

0s2 LeoMac (hfs) - Main OS

0s3 LeoMcB (hfs) - Spare OS

0s4 WinXP (ntfs) - XP for games - Restored image

0s5 WinData (ntfs) - win {censored}


so i was wondering if there was a way to get chameleon to boot XP, because ive restored an image im guessing its something to do with the boot.ini or something on the XP partition.


any ideas?

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Unless you've got a PC with EFI rather than a BIOS, Windows will not boot from a pure-GPT configuration. Your best bet is to create a hybrid MBR with the two Windows partitions "duplicated" in the MBR. See my page on the topic for details. My GPT fdisk program will create the hybrid MBR for you. Be careful, though, and read all of my hybrid MBR page. They're finicky things that present quite a few potential pitfalls.


Also, it's likely that your restored Windows won't boot even after you set up the hybrid MBR. Windows is very fussy about its boot partition, and if it sees changes to that partition, it won't boot. The Windows installation CD/DVD might or might not correct this problem. The bottom line: You may need to do a fresh install of Windows. After you do this, you'll probably have to re-install Chameleon.

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