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memory allocation error (0xf000f000, 0x2) during boot when usb drive attached

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I am using the latest version of Chamelon running RC3.


I get the memory allocation error (0xf000f000, 0x2) during boot and when I have the

usb hard drive attached. I did get the error once with the usb keyboard but it resolved itself

on rebooting.


-I will try to install a previous version of Chameleon. RC2 or RC1.

I think I was using RC1 before rebuilding the system and everything was fine.


Another thing I will try is to reinstall the current version of chameleon with all the devices attached on usb. It might behave differently.


Changing the sequence of the drives and the active partition (I have xp as well) does not make a difference.

I also found this, but did not comprehend much.




Does anyone know what could be happening??

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I did not have this problem last week with a previous installation of the same ideneb v1.3.

The only difference is I then had an old version of Chameleon which booted the system normally.


Could it be a drive mapping problem on the Chameleon?


Nevertheless I reinstalled an RC2 chameleon version with all the drives attached now.

No solution.


Are there any mapping commands in chameleon?

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Did you ever solve this issue? my seagate HDD is also causing this issue, I looked around and some people recommend having only one partition on the disk but that's not an option for me. Could you please let me know if you have any solutions you could share.



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I have this issue too. No BootCD works.


If I unplug the USB drive - it works. However the USB keyboard doens’t have an effect. The USB drive has two partitions.

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