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macbook 13.3 issues ?

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hi all,


i have macbook 13.3 2ghz ,2g ram ddr3 , nvidia9400m ,realtek hda ,hdd 500g .


i have many question please and hope who have answers to tell me . and


thanks again for help .


1 : when i install vista 32 ultimate or windows 7 and playing games or on


desktop my macbook freeze completly (not alwayse) and need to restart it .


but on mac os it neverd happened . why ? is this driver issues ? or what ?


2 : can i download and install nvidia 9400m driver from nvidia website instead


of installing the one who came with bootcamp 3 ? also the sound and


chipset ? what will happen ? can i ? because the driver on bootcamp is not


updated .


3 : after installing bootcamp 3 the mac partition shows in windows . can i


hide it by any method ? or must return to bootcamp 2.1 so it hide it


automatically .


4 : for the freeze problem its matter if i installed vista or vista sp2 ?



thanks very much for anyone help this questions i alwayse hope to find any


one can answer .


regards .

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1. It's Windows. That WILL ALWAYS happen, no matter what machine it runs on. But fret not, it is not the machine's fault.


2. No. No. They will fail to install. No. Yes, they are. Install the drivers on the Bootcamp DVD. NOTHING ELSE.


3. Yes. But I do not suggest it. Someday, you will use it. If you absolutely must, here is a tutorial. But I suggest you not do it.


4. You will likely find that SP2 will be even buggier, I know I do, but in order to get the best support you need to upgrade to SP2, and use Vista as sparingly as possible, which is the best advice I can possibly give.


You're Welcome.


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windows 7 rtm may be more stable, but I suggest you wait until it is actually released. M$'s honesty track is not the greatest, so rtm may not actually be rtm, and it will start to slowly kill itself the day that 7 actually releases.


The only reason I suggested that you not use nVidia's own drivers as opposed to Apple's is, that, well, Apple made them for their exact equipment setup. A chip maker's drivers are often more ambiguous, ie more compatible with other devices and ICs. You will experience more bugs and glitches with the non-specialized drivers, and this will not be outweighed by the benefits of a tiny bit of extra performance granted by THE most up to date drivers.


No problem.

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