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What do I do when there is an error in patching dsdt? How to fix it?


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I never actually tried patching my dsdt but now I need because I'm trying to install Snow Leo. I was told that I need a working patched dsdt to make SL boot. In Leopard, my system works without patched dsdt. But in Snow Leo, it does not!


I tried patching using pcwiz dsdt gui patcher and it gives 2 errors and warnings. I also tried using other dsdt patcher and it gives the same stuff.


I already tried force compiling and the dsdt output doesn't work. So I'm thinking that I need to fix those errors manually to make it work.


Where do I start? Is there an "auto" fixer? Is it really hard to fix?


I really help your need guys because I just purchased the retail and if this doesn't work, I have to return the SL to Apple for full refund.


My laptop uses:


G965 chipset

x3100 GMA

2gb of ram

160 Sata hdd - no option in bios if AHCI or IDE mode is selected - so unknown

Atheros 5006 mini pcie (replaced) - detected as airport extreme in leopard

T7100 processor 1.8ghz

Not gonna use ethernet but it works natively in leo


*** I'm posting here because I'm going to make the DSDT patching inside Leopard


Thank you so much!!

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