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D-Link wireless not found in 64-bit mode?

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Hi all,


I finally managed to get Snow Leopard working on my Hack. All my initial install problems had to do with my video card (ATI 3870). As soon as I popped in a GeForce 9800GT, the install completed fine. So I'm now up and running, with only a few minor glitches.


It looks like I can boot in 64-bit AND 32-bit modes, with no major issues. However, if I boot in 64-bit, my airport card is not detected and does not work. It is a D-Link DWA-556. I don't have any kexts for it... in Leopard (or in 32-bit mode) it just gets detected as an Airport card and works out of the box.


Any ideas why it is missing in 64-bit mode? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get it working? And as a last resort, does anyone have any recommendations on a wireless N card that works better in Snow Leopard in 64-bit?



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