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10.6 on a Vostro 1510


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What is the best way of going about this?


I have a 10.5.6 (almost) fully functional OSX install... However I would quite like to wipe the hard drive to clear out any {censored}! So I could install 10.5.6 again (iPC), update to Chameleon RC2 and install a Snow Leopard Upgrade package, yes?


Is there a better way of doing this?


SnowOSX sounds easy (if you can get it to work)


But then there's retail...


My specs are 2.4GHz Intel, Nvidia 8400m, ALC268 (Internal mic does not work with Voodoo HDA), O2 Micro SD card, 4GB DDR2 Ram, 5400rpm 320gb etc etc. Two finger scrolling also does not work.


Can someone tell me the best way of going about installing this please? I would love a retail install (who wouldn't?!) but it maybe very complicated....


Also, for 10.5.6, can someone show me how to re-map the @ key to it's normal position etc. I have a british keyboard.


A working internal mic would also be nice :D



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Best way to go about it IMHO? I'd buy another hard drive. They're so cheap these days that it worth a few extra dollars to just swap out drives for trying different things. I can get 120 GB SATA laptop drives for $49 locally.


You can also buy the little piece of plastic that attaches to the side of the drive on the Vostro 1500 (which is what I have, not a 1510) so you can just slide one out and the other in. Got mine on eBay for $15.


You may also want to review the Vostro 1500 Megathread:


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Thanks for the reply, however I was hoping to do this today!


I now nave 2 partitions, one for Leopard (with iPC 10.5.6 on it) and the other is blank, named Snow. Before are GUID and HFS Journaled etc, but when I come to install SL on the Snow Partition I get a message saying: Install Failed. The Installer could not install some files in /Volumes/Snow. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.


Can anybody help me please??


I am trying to follow this guide: http://www.teknojunkie.com/2009/08/guide-s...32-coming-soon/


Many thanks




EDIT: It seems the problem is with the partition itself, I can not erase the partition because it cannot be unmounted, any ideas?



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Just a quick update and a few questions... after a few tweaks and kext installs, I have Snow Leopard up and running!! However, there are, obviously, many problems!!


Video: 8400M GS, resolution very low, no kext installed for this and I cannot find anywhere telling me how to get EFI Strings in SL with this card, can anybody tell me or show me a good guide for doing this?


UPDATE: Still cannot find anywhere to do this :(


Ethernet: Works OOB


Webcam: Works OOB


Sound: AppleHDA Kext was causing many problems at boot, so I deleted it! Voodoo HDA for SL is now in the extra folder, will check whether that is working soon.


Works with Voodoo HDA in s/l/e, no in Extra... not sure why


WiFi: 1395 Card, need to run Broadcom script, will do in a minute and update.


Works with script


Stability: When running Safari the whole system crashes after 1-5 minutes (it varies), I have been told that graphics could be the problem, so if someone can help me with the graphics that maybe I can fix :)


Still crashing regularly


Many thanks so far!


EDIT: Also, the trackpad will not work with VoodooPS2 modified for SL, installed to S/L/E, USB Mouse fine... Is there a working trackpad kext anywhere? Also Prefpane won't work

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