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Ive been looking for this game for a while, and I found several ciders here, but I dont know which ones to download and what to do, help please?


the game is NOT included... you must supply the game yourself...


Download this link to the wrapper Oblivion Mac OS X Wrapper (game not included, 54mb)


You'll need your installed version of Oblivion from installing in Windows or something like Crossover... You will need to apply a NO CD patch, which are available all over the internet... which is usually just replacing the .exe with one that doesn't look for the disc... patch up Oblivion in Windows (even in VMware or Parallels is fine), and use the NO CD patch, so that its ready to run...


unzip the wrapper, and right click the .app and hit Show Package Contents


go to Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/, and drop your installed version of Oblivion, in its folder (still named Oblivion), inside that Program Files folder...


You can double click to run the app at this point, but make sure you have Bloom and HDR effects disabled in settings, they can mess things up.... other than that the game should work ok.


If you need to mess with or transfer saved games, it stores them in $USER/Library/Preferences/The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Preferences/p_drive/User/My Documents/My Games/Oblivion/saves



there is some issues with sound, and other things... changes that need to be made in the Oblivion.ini files, like disabling music, cuz it makes pauses when music starts which is annoying when music changes all the time while trying to fight... and sometimes some things that collide with the floor will be extra loud...


best bet... after you run the game once, exit then go to $USER/Library/Preferences/The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Preferences/p_drive/User/My Documents/My Games/Oblivion/ and change out the Oblivion.ini it generated with this one (download Oblivion.ini). it has the best settings I've been able to get to work so that the mess ups are as little as possible.. but you will not have any in-game music... just sound effects. To keep the sound decent NEVER even OPEN the sound settings in Oblivion, or you'll need to replace your .ini again. To get the overpowering sounds the best, some of the volumes are manually turned up past 100%, with others really low, and if you even open the sound settings it will knock all the high ones back down to 100%, and not work nearly as good. Just control the volume from your normal Mac volume control.


Oh and if you want to run in a window, you can press CMD+Enter once the game is running.

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