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Choppy Animations under Snowie?


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Guys, any of you having this problem? My Leopard was fine. I'm using the same EFI strings as before and while I have full QE/CI acceleration (even OpenCL is enabled) , my animations are choppy and jerky as hell! It's almost as if QE is disabled, but I'm pretty sure it's not.


The ONLY way I am able to enjoy having fluid animations again is by running QuartzSimple, which basically turns off V-Sync (BeamSync), but then it introduces some image tearing when watching videos on Quicktime :(


Is there anything I can tweak in the driver itself? Or is it a bad EFI string? NVInjector produces the same problems. Does anyone else have this annoying problem and know how to fix it? Thanks so much!


My specs:


- 8800GTS 640MB (XFX) x16

- Gigabyte 965P-DS3 (3.3) - Marvell 8056 - ALC888

- Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66Ghz @ 3.5Ghz


UPDATE. WHAT THE @&(? If I go to the Dock properties and use "Minimize the windows into the application icon" instead of minimizing them to the far right of the dock, THE STUTTER IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again minimizing and restoring windows are smooth.


:P Anybody know what's going on here? :)

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Hello scififan68, I really appreciate your help. However, that didn't work. :(


Also, I never really had any mouse lag problems, as as I can tell that's the workaround people use. but I was hopeful this would have fixed it.


That's really weird to me, because the jerky animations are observed only when Minimizing and Restoring windows from the Dock.


Any other suggestions? I appreciate the help.



EDIT. Read update on first post :o

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