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The Alchemist

OS X Snow Leopard on MSI P35 Chipset

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Here's my config:

  • MSI P35-Neo Motherboard
  • Intel C2D 2.8 Ghz
  • SATA DVD and HDD drives
  • Realtec ALC888 Sound
  • Realtec 8168B Ethernet (works with R1000.kext)
  • nVidia 8600GT 256MB

Well, just like everyone out here, i'm very excited to finally be able attempt SL install on my PC. Currently my system runs iPC 10.5.6 flawlessly with vanilla kernel. Only thing i remember doing is modding my bios to bypass the "I/O clusters.." error.


I've been off the scene for a while but i've figured out that retail installs are the best way to go about it. So in my attempt to do the same i'll be sharing my experience with updates in this thread.


There are lot of 10.6 Retail install guides floating around here which does make it a bit confusing. Although most guides are for Gigabyte motherboards but i guess there's a lot in common, also P35 chipset is supported fairly well, so it won't be that much trouble.


Anyway here's a rough listing of what i have gathered till now.


The install requires:



  1. A 8GB USB stick which will consist the modified retail install to be used.
  2. A Retail OS X 10.6 DMG
  3. A HDD with a GUID partition scheme.
  4. A working Leopard install.
  5. A separate partiton for Snow install.
  6. Chameleon 2.0 RC1 on a EFI partiton.
  7. Patched DSDT.aml for sound/video/ethernet.
  8. Some support files in /Extras like:





-PC EFI boot file.



I guess that would be it, i'm sure i've missed some things but i hope things will get better as i progress with the install.


Share your experiences here and lets make it more easier for our fellow MSI P35 owners.

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