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Is it possible to force the graphics card to sync with a particular EDID?


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I just built my first Hackintosh with the asus p5n7a-vm. My biggest problem is that the hac doesn't like to sync with my projector when the HDMI is run through the receiver first. Everything turns green and nasty. If I run it directly, it works fine. I'd rather not have to switch HDMI cables when I want to use the XBOX.


When I go direct to the projector, the EDID (as shown by switchResX) is listed as SanyoZ3. If I run it through the projector, it shows up as Standard VGA (or something like that), and everything is green.


What I'm wondering is if there's a way to force OSX / bootloader to only use the EDID from the sanyo. I've been reading a lot and have some ideas, but I have no clue as to which to pursue. Here are my thoughts.


- An edit to the appropriate dsdt or kext. If this is even possible, does it solve the case where switching the receiver away from the computer and back again causes a resync?


- /System/Displays/Overrides seems like a promising start, but I have no idea what those files actually do. Can I modify all of those so they point to the sanyo z3?


- Buy the gefen DVI detective. It stores the EDID and broadcasts continually. The darn thing costs $60+ though!


Any guidance?

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