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newbie - installation iPC 10.5.6


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i'm trying to instaal 10.5.6 iPC in a desktop, this is the configuration


intel pentium d930 - 3.00ghz

motherboard - p4m800p-9237

HDD maxtor 6v250f0

1024 ram (ddr2)

radeon 9500


is it possible to work? what should i choose in customisation?



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in my case, it works with this configuration:


kernel 9.5.0 voodoo kernel

video driver natit

chipset VIA/SiS/Marvell/SB Chipset Drivers

other audio drivers AC97 Audio

Patched USB Drivers

PowerManagement Package


CPUS=1 One Core Fix

PS/2 Device Support

AppleSMBIOS-27 Rev3 1066MHz

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Im trying to install Mac OSX to my desktop too,

my configuration is


Intel C2D 2.66ghz E6750

Intel Motherboard P35 chipset (Model DP35DP)

2gb DDR2 Ram

nvidia 8500GT


Can i install Mac OSX in my desktop ?


Anyone can help me ?

I tried many time and never success

it stuck on white screen with "apple logo" and the "stop logo" 500px-Stop.svg.png

when mac os x disc loading

i had tried another method using a modified installation disc before,

athough it complete the installation but i still can stuck with the stop logo or grey screen...


Anyone can give me some idea?? Thanks...

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this time i had successful installed mac osx with modified installer to my hard drive... but it oddness, i have to use USB dvdrom to install the osx into IDE hard drive and after completed the installation ... i have to unplug the hard drive and plug it by USB then only can run into the osx.. otherwise it stuck loading with the error message "still waiting for root device"...

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