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Snow Leopard, 32 bit vs 64 bit....?

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I think it's safe to assume that many Hackintosh users own motherboards that can run Core 2 Duo's (capable of 64 bit computing) but is limited to 4GB of RAM because of the boards limitations.


In such a case, is it even worth running Snow Leopard in 64 bit? Honestly, I haven't seen any performance increase in the day to day applications I use, and if certain things feel faster, I'm almost certain that it's because of other elements like Grand Central Dispatch and other "tune ups". I came to this conclusion because I own a Macbook Pro running with a Core Duo, which is now running faster than when it had Leopard installed.


I just kinda used prior knowledge and installed Snow Leopard on my Hackintosh the other day, and because for some reason it boots natively in 64 bit, many drivers and applications I use wig out. Especially things that mingle with the OS's core functionality like input managers and pen tablet drivers etc.


No speed increase, can't make use of more than 4GB of RAM anyway, problems with applications, for what? What's the point?


I know there are many of you out there that own boards that are capable of handling more than 4GB of RAM, but for the rest of us... is there really a merit to being so insistent about running this OS in native 64 bit mode? All this 64 bit jocking recently is making me feel like I'm missing the point.


Someone please correct me. =D

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